Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When does CYO Basketball take place?
A.  Boys Basketball typically starts practices in October with games starting the first week of December; Girls Basketball starts practicing in February with    
      games starting the first week of March

Q.  What are the eligibility requirements?
A.  In order to play for St. Peter Pacifica a child must first be enrolled in the 3rd thru 8th grades; they must then fulfill only 1 of the following requirements:
     - attend either Cabrillo Elementary School, Ortega Elementary School or Alma Heights Elementary School
     - Parent or guardian must be a current member of St. Peter Parish
     - Reside south of Rockaway Beach Blvd. in Pacifica
​     - Child is currently enrolled in the Religious Education Program at St. Peter Pacifica
     - Is a returning player to St. Peter Pacifica for the previous year, if registering for 4th grade, and the previous 2 years, if registering for the 5th-8th grades

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  The registration fee for the upcoming Boys & Girls Season is $145.  The cost for uniforms (if needed) is $45.

Q.  Can my child use an older siblings uniform?
A.  Yes, providing it is of the same style currently being used and that the number does not conflict with a number already being used in that grade level.

Q.  Is there a discount for registering more than 1 child?
A.  There is a Family Discount of 38% for the 3rd and higher child registered during the current calendar year.  This would include both the 2018-19 Boys and
      the 2019 Girls.  (With the current fee, the discounted fee would be $90 per child; this does not include the price of the uniform)

Q.  How does the Waiting List work?
A.  Players are taken off the Waiting List as they are needed to fill teams in each particular grade level according to their position on the list; position on the
     Waiting List is determined by when the registration is filled out.  Parents/Guardians are notified by phone or email to determine if their child is still
     interested in playing and if so, they will then receive a bill for the Registration Fee.  Registrations are not considered complete until payment has been 

Q.  How do I volunteer to help?
A.  Volunteers are integral to the success of our Program.  Volunteer opportunities include Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Parent and helping out at the
      gym during Home Games.  If you are interested in coaching or being a Team Parent, there is a section during the registration process for volunteers.  If 
      you know of someone who is not registering a child, but still interested in volunteering, have them reach out to Bob Harp @ [email protected] .

Q.  Are there certain requirements in order to volunteer?
A.  All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.  To be a coach there are other requirements to fulfill.  For more information regarding those requirements
      you can go to the CYO website (a link is provided on our Home Page) or contact Bob Harp @ [email protected] .

Q.  When are practices?
A.  Days and times for practices are up to the individual coach.  The gym is available for practices Monday thru Friday starting at 3:00pm, with the last practice
      ending at 9:00pm.  There are limited times available on the weekends, as well.

Q.  When will we know what our practice schedule is?
A.  Coaches will notify their players after the Coaches Meeting.  At this meeting the coaches will be given their rosters and then pick their practice times.  To 
      help insure that practice time conflicts are kept to a minimum, during the registration process you will be asked to list possible conflicts with other extra
      curricular your child is involved in.  The coaches will have access to this information prior to picking their practice times.
      Although we want every child who is interested in playing to be involved, we encourage parents not to over commit their children. It is not fair to them or 
      their teammates.

Q.  What happens if my child has to withdrawal after registering?
A.  Please refer to our "Registration" page for a full explanation of our Refund Policy.

Q.  How are Registration Fees paid?
A.  All registrations are now done online via Sportngin.  Payment is collected during the registration process by credit card on their secure server.  For those 
     who register on the Waiting List, once you have been notified that your child is coming off the Waiting List, you will receive a bill by email from Sportngin
     on our behalf.

Please contact us if you have further questions.